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Comic Review: The Fantastic Four (2018) #1

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Sara Pichelli
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 8, 2018

The Fantastic Four returns!

Well sort of… a Fantastic Four comic returns to the shelves and it is about time.

The progenitors of the modern day Marvel Universe have been missing for awhile now and yes, they are still not back together as a full team but the journey towards that reunion starts in this very book.

Dan Slott needs no introduction to any comic reader; he has just come off a stellar Spider-Man run and if this issue is anything to judge by then he is about to give us another show stealing run on the FF.

This comic is bonafide FF and quickly shows that Slott is a true fan of the first family and gets what they are all about.

In this issue all the classic elements that make the FF great are present; the family dynamic, the extended friends, the substitute members of the FF from the past, the Yancy Street Gang and the sense of scientific wonder & spectacle! Yes, Slott manages to fit all this into one issue. This issue is a perfect jumping on point for any casual readers as you don’t need to know much backstory to follow and enjoy this issue on its own merit.

Slott’s opening issue lets us into the current mindset of Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm and the rift between them due to the absence of their family. A great thing about this issue is that it does not dwell too long on what has come between them but rather quickly moves past this to what keeps them together; the family dynamic I love so much. Ben also does something in this issue that really should have been done ages ago, this time I hope it sticks.

We even get a bonus Doom tale at the end of the book, one that also seems to remember what Doom is all about and serves to remind us all. I hope that Doom still retains some of the growth he has shown over the last few years during his tenure as the Infamous Ironman.

The art by Sara Pichelli I quite like a lot, it is very bright and airy even though I did have some issues with her version of the Human Torch and it may take a bit of getting used to for me but overall it was good work.

As a totally biased FF fan I am so pleased that they are on their way back to the Marvel Universe and in such capable hands. Could we be about to get a FF run that could rival John Byrne’s, Walter Simonson’s or even Hickman’s run on this book?

Dare I hope?

Naija Geek Says: This is easily an 8/10

Source: Marvel

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