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Spoiler Free Revue: Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Mission: Impossible- Fallout sees Tom Cruise reprise his role as IMF super-agent, Ethan Hunt whose mission to retrieve plutonium from a group of terrorists goes awry leading the CIA to question his motives and loyalty. Ethan must risk it all to clear his name and save the world from catastrophe while protecting those he loves.

I will just go ahead and say it. How many times will Ethan Hunts loyalty to the CIA and the US be questioned? Every damn time he must prove that he isn’t a rogue agent. We all know he is loyal but noooo, someone has to go piss him off, and we all know what happens when Ethan is vexed. Agreed, the plot of Mission: Impossible- Fallout isn’t fresh to the franchise but, my goodness you will not see a finer action film in a long time.

Talking about the action in Mission: Impossible- Fallout, the bathroom fight scene with Henry Cavill will leave your jaw on the floor at the sheer grit of it . Special mention to the Asian guy in that scene, that dude wasn’t playing at all. You see ehn, las las, na stunt go kill Tom Cruise because for a guy that old still doing his own stunts is just crazy. When seeing Mission: Impossible- Fallout, make sure you look out for his HALO jump and THAT jump that broke his leg. I must commend Tom Cruise’s dedication to his craft which is just unparalleled and can only be rivaled by Jackie Chan.

I must warn however that you will need some basic knowledge of the previous films to fully grasp this installment because there was a lot of reference especially about the villain and Ethan’s MI5 accomplice. Nevertheless, Mission: Impossible- Fallout is still enjoyable, with or without previous knowledge.

Talking about previous knowledge, I recently watched the first Mission Impossible film (as directed by John Woo) and it’s quite amazing how this franchise has evolved through the years but has still managed to retain some of its original elements like the masks and even the soundtrack. That got me thinking, which of the Mission Impossible films is my favorite? I really like MI2 but Mission: Impossible- Fallout is a strong contender. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below or on social media.

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