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Iron Fist Season 2 arrives Netflix September 7

Marvel and Netflix announced today that Iron Fist season two would start streaming on September 7th. The announcement came with a teaser trailer showing Danny Rand (Finn Jones) fighting in a New York alley to stop an assault. It seems Danny still hasn’t embraced his true power – his money (we’re kidding, of course).

The teaser seems to show Danny fulfilling Daredevil’s request to protect the city as his voice-over mentions the need to stop a war.

Iron Fist season one apparently had good numbers but was poorly received by critics and fans, like myself, hated the boring action and irritating affectations of “Danny Raaand”. With the ouster of former show-runner Scott Buck who was also responsible for the even greater disaster ‘Inhumans’, expectations are starting to rise again for the Immortal Iron Fist.

Let’s hope Marvel will have fixed the issues with Iron Fist by September 7.

Source: Netflix

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