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Comic Review: Thor #3

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Del Mundo
Cover by Mike Del Mundo

Disclosure: Thor is my No.1 favorite superhero of all time but that said, I won’t let it cloud my judgment when reviewing this book.

Jason Aaron has been killing it on the Thor book for a long time now. His Jane Foster arc was awesome despite the absence of my fave Odinson. I have waited with bated breath for his return as the main character in this book.

Sadly now that Thor Odinson is back I am not as happy with the book anymore. Jason’s writing is still as a good as ever but there is a massive issue with this book now: The Art.

It is terrible! I have tried to like it but it is totally not working for me. It is so hard to follow the actions and at times it is so muddled I have to re-read certain pages multiples times to get a feel for what is meant to be going on. Not good at all

Coming from Russell Dauterman’s art to this is a major shock and has dropped this book from being the best Marvel book to now just average. That is huge for me because I can normally overlook meh or bad art as long as the story is great. But not this time!

We have an epic tale of the Norse gods that spans the nine realms with great characters and great writing, but all I can do is moan about the art. Arrrgggghhhh!

I am really interested in other people’s view on the art of Del Mundo, I wonder if it is only me that has a problem with it. Please weigh in guys.

Anyway back to the story itself – without spoiling it, the focus is on Loki and his machinations. Jason Aaron makes full use of the entire family tree of both Thor and Loki. I don’t remember the last time there were so many Odinsons in one book!

The last splash page has an awesome surprise. It’s something many have spoken/guessed about quite a bit in the past and now, especially due to events in the MCU, I cant wait to see how this pans out.

So in spite of the art I can’t wait to read the next issue. Great writing, kudos Aaron.

Naija Geek Says: My score is 6/10 and that is because the art lost it a whole 3 points.

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Source: Marvel

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