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Comic Review: Avengers #5

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 18, 2018

The epic story continues with this heavy-hitting book. This issue explores the origins of the marvel universe and explains why earth abounds with super powered beings. Expectations are that this will change the future direction of the marvel universe.

This book mostly has Loki monologuing about the origins of the earth and, while he gets rather tiring, It does puts things into perspective and the story slowly builds up to a worthy climax. It feels more like a team book than many previous issues as each hero has an important role and it also finally puts Ghost Rider centerstage with the Avengers.

The dialogue during Loki’s “villain rant” has a limited pacing but feels fluid and the dialogue when the heroes interact feels more like people interacting rather than just heroic archetypes. But Captain America and Ghost Rider’s dialogue is when it’s most fluid.

The art and panelling are great in so many ways: the dark shading used to set the aura for the book, the transitions from key even to event like Loki’s narration to his rants to Captain America and to the death of a Celestial.

The finale sets the beat for the next chapter but it does feel a bit ridiculous like something from the Power Rangers.

This issue has all the makings of a good book but none of the spark. Yes, the stakes are high and yes, the marvel universe could be altered forever with these events. But it still doesn’t feel like anything of great consequence will come of this run.


Source: Marvel

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