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Comcast drops out of the Fox bidding war.


Anyone know that song by DJ Khaled, ‘All I do is win’? Well that is how I feel today with the announcement by Comcast that they are pulling out of the bidding war for Fox.

Why is this a win for me?

No I do not own shares in any of the companies but as a comic fan boy this means the removal of the last potential obstacle to seeing the Fantastic Four and the X-men joining the MCU!

I have enjoyed a pretty decent streak over the last year or so of things going my way when it comes to my main geekdom of comics and comic movies. This covers my favorite comic character Thor suddenly getting an awesome movie, then becoming arguably the no.1 MVP in Infinity War.

Then there was the release of Black Panther, another favorite hero of mine, to such astounding critical and financial reception. Then now I have DC about to release my second fave hero next year Shazam! I bet it does very well and if my winning streak holds out they may even call him Captain Marvel at least once in the film.

Here’s What I’m looking Forward To

But back to the main point of this article, this news is great for any true fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fantastic Four are really the starting point of the Marvel Universe in the comics and their absence from the cinematic version has been nothing less than criminal. Now it seems this can be addressed and rectified.

In addition to the FF this also means bringing in the X-Men and any other mutants to the MCU. So this opens up many more potential storylines for the MCU and the inclusion of some really great, rich characters.

Who does not want to see Storm meet T’Challa or see the friendship of Spider-man and the Human Torch? Oh my days! I may finally see an awesome Dr. Doom, the best villain in comics finally done justice on the big screen!!

I need to calm down, I am off for a quick lay down.

All I do is win win win.

Source: CNN

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