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Nathan Fillion Made An Uncharted Fan Movie And We’re Geeking Out

Everyone’s favorite fan-casting for the live-action movie role of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series of video-games is Nathan Fillion – talk to the hand if you disagree (if you’re a Naija person, argue with your ancestors). So it was understandable when excitement began to build when some days ago he hinted at being involved in an Uncharted… err… project.

As it turns out, those of us who assumed it was an Uncharted movie were right. Only it was a Nathan Fillion starring fan-film instead of the Hollywood blockbuster we were already warming up our MoviePass cards to see. Slightly disappointing but who cares!

We get to see Fillion embody Nathan Drake in his own inimitable way, while Avatar’s Stephen Lang (our one-time absolute favorite for the role of Cable) plays his mentor-cum-partner Sully in this low budget love project. Enjoy it here in all it’s glory.

Yes, the budget means the action set-pieces aren’t what they could be but the Allan Ungar directed fan-flick has everything else right. The fight choreography is better than a lot of regular television fight scenes and the gunplay’s third-person POV is shot to evoke the game and makes you believe in Nate Drake’s luck meter.

The costume details are great – Nate wears his famous ring around the neck. Even the red jeep from Uncharted 4 made it into the movie driven by Sully – who’s line about the way no-one understands when Drake goes off on one of his stream-of-consciousness epiphanic soliloquies.

Will this make Hollywood sign-off on Fillion-led Uncharted movie? Who knows or cares! This is just awesome fun and as Fillion said himself, it’s something that can “scratch this itch” for the fans.

Source: Nathan Fillion, GamesRadar

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