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Comic Review: Detective Comics #984

Art by: Miguel Mendonça
Cover by: Eddy Barrows
Variant cover by: Mark Brooks
Written by: Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill rules!

I have followed Bryan’s career with interest and I am happy to see him working on one of the biggest titles in the business. If you haven’t ever read Postal by Bryan and Matt Hawkins, get on it.

I love the issue he has decided to tackle head on in this book, it’s something I have dubbed: Child Soldiers of Gotham. When debating about Batman with many of my friends we always get into a lively argument about how he endangers kids by making them sidekicks.

No one would ever argue that Child Soldiers as we have seen in some African conflicts is a good idea yet we let Batman get away with it? Well no more! This is what Hill is confronting head-on in this book and I am fully onboard for this ride.

Hill also manages to pull of a bona fide miracle: He made Jefferson Pierce interesting! Wow!

I have always found Black Lighting totally lame and one of the heroes of colour that I can’t stand. But Hill’s take on the character in this issue did not suck and I actually enjoyed his side of the debate with Batman. Especially considering his viewpoint is that of a teacher whose whole life is about teaching children. Good stuff.

I enjoyed this book a quite a bit and that was also due in no small way to the art of Miguel Mendonca.

Fans will want to see how this take on the issue of Batman’s underage sidekicks pans out. How will this inform the Batman’s recruitment process going forward? Or will it be back to status-quo in a year’s time or so?

Great Read.

Naija Geek Says: 8/10

Source: DC Entertainment

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