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Comic Review: Superman #1

Art: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis
Cover by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

New Superman writer Bendis’ first issue of Superman landed today. And in this book, Bendis carries on the good work he started in the Man of Steel 6-issue limited series.

The team of Bendis and Ivan Reiss on art duties is a great match. All through the book one was constantly reminded of when John Byrne reinvigorated Superman back in the early 90’s after the Crisis of Infinite Earths reboot.

This is a Superman shorn of Lois and Jon who are out in space with Jor-El. Their absence, established in the preceding Man of Steel mini-series, is a very clever way of getting rid of the baggage around our hero for now and allows the team to focus on Superman himself.

I have always believed that Bendis is at his best with street-level characters and with his own creations, so I was quite worried when it was announced he would take over Superman. I was convinced it would be a bad match. So far he is proving me wrong and I hope he continues to do so as I have not enjoyed Superman this much in years.

Even his writing of the voices of the visiting Justice League members ring true to me – I especially liked that Hal’s concerns are what I would expect from a member of a galactic police force. In the past Bendis has been known to write established characters totally out of character for the sake of plot. That is not the case here and I am glad.

This issue consists mainly of a lot of scene-setting establishing Superman’s new status quo, but still manages give some clues about the direction Bendis might be taking Superman in the future. Don’t be surprised to find clues in the discussion he had with Jonn Jonzz which I thought was significant for a couple of reasons.

Anyway a good start for Bendis and Reiss.

Naija Geek Says: 7/10

Source – DC Entertainment

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