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Comic Review: Ms Marvel (2016) Issue 31

by Caleb Erinle

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Nico Leon, Elmo Bondoc, Gustavo Duarte
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 27, 2018

One thing that remained constant through the ever changing properties of the book was the story, it was centered around a teenagers slumber party but it was a fun read with the jokes and action to compliment it. The ending probably would not catch regular readers of Ms Marvel by surprise but it was entertaining.

The dialogue was tiring at some points but it held up quite well overall. Well enough that one could easily forget that setting was a teenage slumber party. The jokes are actually funny and what the characters feel comes through in their words.

The overall art of this issue starts out slightly above average with the dark shading and lack of bright colors failing to convey the slice of life it was meant to show. If only that was the only issue it would be a small blessing – the change in artist mid-story did not help as we were transported into an out of proportion environment which was at variance with our starting point. Then things revert to the original art as though unsure of it’s identity before transforming a third time into something more average and finally dumping us back at square one.

As the art transitioned at breakneck pace, sadly so did the panelling. The initial style used during the slumber party wasn’t really put to the test until we neared the end. And it barely passed as It took a few re-reads to follow what was happening. The likeable second style of art had a better form of panelling gave way to the superior, fluid third style.

This is a book that would have been amazing with one artist to the end.

Naija Nerd rating – 6/10

Source: Marvel

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