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Comic Review: Teen Titans Special (2018) Issue 1

Art by: Various, Robson Rocha

Cover by: Trevor Scott, Robson Rocha

Written by: Adam Glass

Release Date: June 27, 2018

Right out of the pages of Justice League No Justice, DC releases a Titans special which feels like a more important book than expected, No Justice felt rushed but was clearly just a catalyst to this dynamic new universe change.

Robin, Red Arrow and Kid Flash take center stage in the story and were the most likable feature. Adam Glass handled their situations well and as we progress from each character’s story to the next, it’s not at all hard to sympathize and see things from their point of view.

The art, while not amazing, is consistently above average all through the book. That said, Damien looked nothing like he usually does when he’s been drawn in the past.

The dialogue was average and it felt hard to sympathize with the characters. – their words felt empty where they tried to make them seem relatably human. The constant narration throughout the book was an issue.

Following the action sequences was harder than needed due to the below-average paneling. One had to guess to see cause and effect during the brief fights that took place.

It ended on a perfect tone for a book of its nature with such a message.

Naija Nerds Rating – 6/10

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