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Comic Review: Doctor Strange (2018) #3

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Jesus Saiz
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 4, 2018

This issue is a bit of a surprise as Strange is thoroughly entertaining throughout – unlike in the last few books. This Infinity Wars tie-in story explores the magical side of the cosmic races in the Marvel Universe which are mostly ignored by a lot of writers and unknown to most readers.

The creative team does a great job of telling a stand-alone story while keeping it connected to the larger universe. The dialogue flows naturally and the opening panels feature a brief but enjoyable heist montage which serves to help Strange and Kanna connect. After all nothing makes you bond like classic crime committed together.

Skrull life is examined in some detail and it succeeds in broadening our understanding of them. In fact, there are so many fabulous sequences that when Strange goes up against a Super Skrull, it’s just one more thing handled splendidly in this book just like the amazing emotional beats toward the end.

Saiz doesn’t let up with the absolute stellar art for a second. The attention to detail is such a delight and his gorgeous panelling during the action sequences was a gift of its own and served to complement the totally art. Let me say here and now that Saiz is just – for lack of a better word – a beast!

Alas, nothing is perfect and this issue felt like Kanna lost an important character trait by being less quippy and a thorn in Strange’s side which was key to her individuality, She was surprisingly gullible – a departure from her depiction in issue two – and was made to take a back seat this issue. Still, a great book.

Naija Nerd Rating – 9.5/10

Source – Marvel

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